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Come visit our historic building....Here on at 8336 Stringfellow Road, it first started serving Pine Islanders over 54 years ago doing what it does right now, providing for local transportation needs! First housing the manufacturing of Beck Boat hand-built workboats, This storied, rambling structure is now packed full of modern automotive technology. ready to serve your automotive and light truck service and repair needs.



Todays vehicles still need tune-ups and brake maintenance to perform at their best. Trust the professionals at Pine Island Auto Care to provide factory specified  and Napa warrantied tuneup and brake service.




Modern vehicles are complicated. It's important to know what you're doing and have access to information directly from the manufacturer. Pine Island Auto Care has invested in software, equipment  and on-going training to ensure your car receives the specialized care it requires from highly trained professionals. Across all makes and models. Everything from advanced diagnostics to factory recommended maintenance is handled by our ASE certified, very experienced technicians. We have stocked our inventory with the highest quality parts and lubricants to make sure your vehicle is properly serviced.


The very workhorse system of every vehicle, suspension and wheels are a critical part of your vehicle.  Pine Island Auto Care specializes in preventing breakdowns and making sure you stay on the road. With quality parts and years of experience, our job is to keep you behind the wheel and worry-free. Struts, shocks, powersteering, wheel bearings....we do it all!

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